Keys To Goal Success

December 7, 2022

Stepping out by faith into the unknown to pursue your goals is not a small fete; it is not for the faint-hearted. There is uncertainty about what lies ahead, but once you understand and know your purpose, you proceed, knowing that God will make a way. Once God has placed a desire in your heart or a calling on your life, He will see that you accomplish your goal irrespective of the route He uses to get you there.

Do not be fooled. Pursuing your dreams is not a walk in the park. You will encounter unexpected twists and turns, disappointments, and seclusion, which may cause you to second-guess yourself and wonder whether you should abandon your pursuit to achieve goal success. Here are four keys to goal success: self-discipline, tenacity, faith, and a sense of purpose.

​The First Key - Self-Discipline

The first key to goal success is self-discipline. It takes discipline to make your dream a reality. Roadblocks pop up along your journey. You can be tempted to give up, especially when everything goes contrary to what you envisioned or what God said would happen in your life. It is easy to succumb to disappointment and abort your aspirations. These are the moments when self-discipline is essential. Self-discipline allows you to stay focused on your goals despite what is happening.

Self-discipline is the antidote for distractions. Distractions appear in many forms and are to detour your goal to success. For example, one of your goals may be to lose five pounds in two months, but the distraction from exercising to accomplish weight loss may appear as tiredness or laziness. Instead of taking the planned walk around your neighbourhood or going to the gym, you procrastinate and put off exercising for tomorrow to watch your favourite TV show. Instead of giving in to the various distractions, stick to your plan and envision the result, goal success.

Self-discipline causes you to deny instant gratification to facilitate long-term success. For example, if every week your favourite baker announces she has made a new cheesecake flavour, and every week you sample her creations, will you succeed at your weight loss goal? Whatever goal or dream you pursue, examine your habits to determine if you sabotage your success due to a lack of self-discipline.

The Second Key - Tenacity

To achieve goal success, you must possess tenacity: an unshakeable determination to succeed. You will experience testing to determine if you are worthy of the title, the ministry, the business, etcetera that God desires to bless you with, your goal. Some days you will ask yourself, “What was I thinking” or “Who told me I could accomplish this?” But, when the questioning occurs, dip deep and muster up all that is in you to press on. Get rid of self-doubt. Refer to your plan to remind yourself why you are pursuing your goal. Have the tenacity to make it despite the roadblocks and put in the work required for goal success. You will achieve goal success if you do not quit. 

The Third Key - Faith

Sometimes the term “have faith” is used loosely. But to achieve goal success, possessing faith is critical. To have faith means that although your vision of your journey to goal success is contrary to the reality of the circumstances God allows you to experience, you continue to pursue your goal because you know His purpose for your life. Knowing and understanding God’s purpose for your life strengthens your faith. Knowing and understanding God’s purpose can be compared to a wind that pushes you forward. Therefore, faith allows you to remain committed to achieving goal success.

The Fourth Key - A Sense Of Purpose

To complete your goal success journey, you must have a sense of purpose. That is, you must have a conviction of why God called you to that particular goal. In addition, you must understand the mission. Finally, you must be aware of the impact achieving your goal will have on the many lives you will encounter.


Goal success is achievable through self-discipline, tenacity, faith and a sense of purpose. The four keys to goal success are fuel to maintain momentum on your goal success journey. They assist in keeping you on track while motivating you to keep pressing, keep believing, and keep moving forward.

Author - Monica S. Creque

Monica S. Creque, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach and Founder of MSC Consultancy.

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