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May 19, 2022

Hi. I am Monica S. Creque, Goal Success Coach. My Living In Purpose Coaching programme is for you to achieve goal success.

who i coach​

I help ambitious women who have settled for less than they deserve in life regain momentum to pursue their dreams and live their definition of a fulfilling life.

living in purpose coaching

I know you are an ambitious woman who does everything except what God has called you to do or created you to do. You know you should be doing more and be more but cannot seem to get out from under where you are to walk in your divine purpose. I know you have buried your dream for fear of failing at it and focused on advancing in a joyless career. Yet, despite being miserable, I know you have grown contended where you are. Your desire to achieve your goals remains untamed because you desire more.

I know you are ambitious because you excel in every space you occupy. However, you feel unfulfilled because you have put off pursuing your dream. I know you have turned your attention to excelling where you are.

I know you tried to garnish support from family and friends, but they shoot your ideas down, telling you you cannot achieve your goal for one reason or another. Also, you quietly set goals, sometimes internally, but they are mere wishes for you are afraid to step out for fear of failure and actively put your plans into action. I know you are anxious because you are getting older and had hoped to accomplish more at this stage in your life. 

If you are this woman, you may need to unlearn everything you think you know to become the woman God created you to be so you can start living your definition of a fulfilling life confidently.

my transformation

For years I doubted myself and felt I could not measure up to others who were the world’s definition of success. As a result, I put my dreams on hold and settled for jobs that paid the bills but brought little satisfaction. My breakthrough came when God put me in a place where I could no longer deny my role in this world. I felt dissatisfied with my job, for I had outgrown it. I knew I had to resign or else I would die there. Through the help of a coach, I gained the clarity and confidence I needed to walk in my gifting boldly and share it with the world and not just a few people. Today, I am purposely fulfilling my dream to help women like you, through my “Living In Purpose” coaching programme, gain perspective and confidence to walk in their destinies successfully and boldly.

my approach

I use life coaching techniques to help you identify the root causes causing you to abandon your dream and not walk in your purpose. When we fix those root causes, everything changes.

If you are ready to transform your life, get goal clarity, grow your confidence, and consistently pursue progress in the direction of your dream, this is for you.


1:1 Coaching Living in Purpose Programme

Get Me Moving (Clarity on a Specific Goal to get you moving in the right direction)

  • Investment in you: $500.00
  • 3 x sessions
  • 1 Assessment
  • Email Support in-between sessions


Going All the Way (Transformation)

  • Investment in You: $1150.00
  • 10 x sessions
  • Session recaps and bi-weekly action plans
  • Unlimited email support in-between sessions
  • Personalised life assessments and action plan
  • Additional coaching tools and resources as needed
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Follow up Accountability

the process

Ready to get started? Here is how it works. 

Book an Introductory Call

First, book a free introductory call here

Introductory Call Invitation

Second, I will send you a calendar invitation to discuss collaborating for coaching to get to know you and your goals. I will explain my coaching platform, and if there is synergy during our call, I will schedule a follow-up to finalise logistics for the initial coaching call.

Payment Plans are available upon request.

Author: Monica S. Creque, Customer Service Strategist and Goal Success Coach

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