Practical Ways For The Solopreneur To Beat Procrastination

November 28, 2023

“Procrastination sucks!” is what some people say after experiencing the negative consequences of their unproductive behaviour. As solopreneurs, we are not immune to procrastination’s seductiveness, especially if we are caregivers or entrepreneurship is our side hustle. 

Here are practical ways I find help as a solopreneur to beat procrastination to accomplish tasks.

Get Organised

Lack of organisation leads to chaos and can add undue stress. Try planning your day or evenings, evenings if your business is a side hustle, by setting realistic goals. Write them down. If an issue arises with a customer and deters you, referring back to your written goals gets you focused on what is left for you to reasonably achieve for the rest of the day. Set a schedule for doing personal and caregiving tasks.

If you are a part-time entrepreneur, carve out time in your evenings or weekends to accomplish tasks. There will be instances when situations will arise that will cause you to put off a project, but ensure you return to it on the same night or subsequently to beat procrastination.

Organising your workspace helps beat procrastination. Knowing where to find your client’s information, forms, and other information needed to run a productive business can significantly increase your productivity. A disorganised workplace with misplaced items is a complete turnoff and can lead to you putting off completing essential work.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions come in many forms and disguises, from feeling overwhelmed to scrolling on social media and trying to juggle life’s ups and downs. First, discover what distracts you and constantly pulls you away from completing your tasks or goals set for daily completion. After identifying the distractions, find ways to eliminate them to facilitate higher productivity.

Take Needed Breaks But Do Not Procrastinate

To increase productivity and beat procrastination, take breaks to refresh your mind. If you are tired, you will likely make errors which tempt you to procrastinate. Instead of abandoning the work, take up to a fifteen-minute break and then return to your task feeling refreshed and sometimes with a new perspective on solving an issue. You can set a timer to alert you when your break is over to prevent procrastination from settling in and decrease your workflow.

Set Realistic Goals

Sometimes, as solopreneurs, we pack too many activities into our days, leading to procrastination. We look at the numerous items on our to-do lists and get overwhelmed, causing us to “put things off” for another day. To beat procrastination, determine what you can reasonably and excellently accomplish for the day and then do those tasks.

Wrap Up

Procrastination competes with our productivity as solopreneurs, but we can beat it and increase productivity by getting organised, eliminating distractions, taking needed breaks, and setting realistic goals.

About The Author

Monica S. Creque is a Goal Success Coach and Customer Service Strategist. She founded MSC Consultancy, a company specialising in providing clients with top-notch customer service solutions and coaching services. Passionate about helping others succeed, Monica is known for her ability to motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential. When she’s not working, Monica enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

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