The Importance of Planning In Goal Achievement

November 29, 2022

I have heard a quote by Benjamin Franklin recited in many arenas “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. If this statement is true, why do so many of us fail to author our plans to accomplish our deepest desires, those goals we cannot shake? If you desire to build a house, you seek an architect to bring those thoughts to life on paper or electronically, that is, your house plan. Equally, your goals and dreams require planning. Planning has importance in goal achievement. It serves as a map pointing the way to your destination and helping to keep you on track.

why plan

Planning works as a map, detailing how to get the desired result, that is, goal achievement. Your plan should include your “why”. That is, why is it essential for you to achieve this goal, and what are the benefits of attaining the goal or dream in your personal or professional life?

Planning helps you to determine the actions you need to take to start and end your successful journey to accomplish your dream or goal. Such as, do I need to take an online course, do I need to start saying, “no, I cannot assist you this weekend”, or do I need to research to ascertain the requirements for operating a business locally or globally?

Planning in goal achievement is determining how success would look for you. In your planning process, jot down the marker to determine your success. For example, if your goal is to operate an online store, would your marker be when you launch your website? Whatever you use as your success reference point, ensure it is attainable in the time allotted and not far-fetched.

Planning keeps you on track

Unfortunately, life happens as things rarely go as planned. The Bible confirms this in Proverbs 16:9. It states that although we plan, God determines how we get there. That in no way means that you should not make plans or have goals.  However, suppose you have authored a plan to accomplish your dreams; instead of panicking when adversities arise, you can make adjustments versus not having clear directions to guide you towards your goal. For example, you may have set a timeframe of two (2) months to accomplish an action in your overall goal, but something happened, causing you to take a step back. However, keep your plan. Make the necessary adjustments. Instead of a timeframe of two (2) months, adjust it to a realistic timetable and keep progressing.

Another way planning keeps you on track is by acting as your reference point. Refer to your written plan at different stages in your goal achievement process to determine your progress or lack thereof. For instance, if you are to complete two (2) steps of your plan in six (6) months, and you are three (3) months away from your six-months goal, decide if you are on the right track. If yes, congratulations. If no, determine the reason(s) for being off course and make the requisite changes. Ask yourself, What has me off-track? How will I get on track?

Wrap Up

Having a written plan motivates you to keep going and achieve your dream. When you author your way forward, it signifies you are planning to succeed. It directs you to the next steps in your goal success process and keeps you on track. Hence, the importance of planning in goal achievement.


Written by Monica S. Creque, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach and Founder of MSC Consultancy

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