Thriving In Adversity

May 5, 2022

Adversity can disrupt your life, progress and workflow. It affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Your mechanism to cope in periods of adversity determines whether you survive or thrive. To facilitate your progress, I recommend the following that will have you thriving in adversity.

strong support system

If you have experienced unexpected events or crises, you can conclude that they sap your energy, disrupt your thought and sleep patterns, and thrust you into overwhelmedness. Instead of relying on your strength, lean on your support system; family or friends. You can articulate your feelings to some degree which allows for feedback. Feedback helps you to gain a new perspective on your situation.


 In periods of adversity, your thoughts may get muddled. As a result, you may overthink the most straightforward decision. Adversity can fight your peace in all aspects of your life. To gain perspective and remain focused, write your thoughts and feelings, including the effects of the situation on your life. In addition, write your goals, such as where you are, where you are supposed to be, and what you should be doing currently. Do this daily or weekly to stay focused, regain a sense of normalcy, and remain on track at work and home. 

Self care

Self-care is essential during periods of adversity. Ensure you eat well, exercise, meditate and engage in activities you enjoy. Self-care assists in decreasing stress levels as it renews your body and mind.

accept what you cannot change

Do not muse over what you cannot control. Instead, make it a learning experience. You can conduct a self-reflection exercise to ascertain your takeaways and determine what you can do in the event of a similar situation. 

do not allow your emotions to control you

Decisions made on heightened emotions tend to lead to regret. Instead, look at the situation rationally. Make your decision based on facts, not speculation.

bottom line

You will face periods of adversity as long as you are alive. Although you do not readily welcome hardship or anything that throws you out of your comfort zone, the practical principles stated above helps you to thrive in adversity.


Author: Monica S. Creque -Founder and CEO of MSC Consultancy


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