Skill Development for Receptionists and Other Front Desk Staff Workshop

September 29, 2022

Join us on 22 October 2022 for MSC Consultancy virtual workshop via Zoom, “Skill Development for Receptionists and other Front desk Workers”. Receptionists, front desk staff and other gatekeepers are the face and voice of any business. Therefore, companies should ensure these employees represent their brand and possess the skills and behaviours needed to run a friendly, efficient, and safe front desk. 

Workshop Outcomes​

  • Understand the importance of a professional image at the front desk;
  • Understand their workspace is an extension of themselves and should also reflect a professional image;
  • Implement strategies to improve productivity;
  • Manage communication with ease over the telephone and face to face;
  • Interpret the body language of others to determine how best to communicate with them;
  • Implement strategies for dealing politely and successfully with discourteous, demanding or dissatisfied customers;
  • Explain best practices for staying safe at the front desk; and
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve both their image and skills at the front desk.


When participants join this workshop, they will have the confidence they need to run the front desk.

who should attend


  • Receptionists
  • Security Guards
  • Other Workplace Gatekeepers
  • Anyone who occupies the Front Desk


Monica S. Creque, Founder and CEO of MSC Consultancy. Ms. Creque is a Customer Service Strategist, Certified Customer Service Trainer and a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach.

Date and time

22 October, 2022, from 9 am to 3 pm via Zoom


$150 per participant


You can access the registration form by clicking the link

For more information or queries, please contact us at 284-441-1578 or

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